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Organizational Development

I help individuals and groups transform how they think, feel and behave by combining psychology and behavioral sciences with real-life situations and experiences to create dynamic programs designed to improve company performance and individuals’ quality of life. My sessions are a combination of lessons, hands-on exercises, and self-reflection, which are fast-paced, interactive and always fun.

I believe that in order for lessons to stick, they must:

  • Connect to self-interests, in and out of the work environment
  • Be relevant to the role and personalized to the individual
  • Provide credible, practical, easy to apply techniques
  • Be timely, and crucially sustainable
  • Be interactive and enjoyable


Diversity & Inclusion Programming

Neuroscience shows that the psychological pain caused by being excluded affects the same part of the brain as physical pain – it actually hurts. Yet we are naturally attracted to people who are like us and tend to shy away from those who are different. If we can appreciate each other for who we are, we create a psychological safe environment where we can flourish no matter what our differences are.

61% of employees bend themselves out of shape to fit in at work (including 45% of white, heterosexual cis-gendered men). This is bad for business and bad for well-being. The good news is that businesses with an inclusive environment have an operating profit almost three times higher than those that don’t.

My Diversity & Inclusion programs take participants on a journey of self-discovery to recognize each of our differences, explore our often-unconscious biases, and discover ways in which we can create an inclusive environment where everybody can flourish.