Shaun Sperling | Speaker, Facilitator, Coach


Shaun Sperling is a facilitator, coach and motivational speaker who is passionate about helping people become their most productive, aware and satisfied. Shaun works with companies, universities and organizations to help individuals and groups become more connected and more effective through his workshops and keynote addresses on topics including leadership, diversity & inclusion, and communication.


Shaun’s clients include Deloitte, Delta, The Gap, American Express, FitBit, Facebook, Salesforce, Pfizer and Gilead. Additionally, he regularly lectures to packed auditoriums at universities across the country.


Shaun has won awards for his public speaking and storytelling from world-renowned organizations like The Moth. Before he became a speaker and coach, Shaun was an attorney specializing in commercial litigation. Throughout his career, Shaun has used storytelling and laughter to teach, connect and inspire.